The R a n t i n g W a c k o ' s Rants

A Short Rant In Verse

"They say that I am crazy,
They say that I'm insane.
They say that I'm a moron
And that I have no brain.
But I'm sure I am normal.
Wanna know how I know?
I know I'm not a loony
Because the voices told me so."

Welcome to the Rant Room. Collected here are various essays, papers and just plain "wrote-down-my-feelings- so-I-don't-go-postal" rants. I hope that you find some measure of ammusement in this or some simple assurance that there is some one out there who is even crazier than you.

Scared New World : My very first rant ever. About the CDA.

Abortion: My A+ Paper upon why I am pro-choice.

Damn Yankees, ****ing Southerners : My Thoughts on Southern Stereotypes.

Jock Itch: My thoughts on athletes. High school and Proffesional.

Nudity on the Net : Of pasties, porno and pissing me off!

Starving Actress : A Little Christmas Wish

1999 Holidays Letter : As it says, my 1999 Holidays Letter

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